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Nasas Kepler space telescope finds new Earth.美国宇航局找到新的地球。A planet more like Earth than any yet discovered has been identified as a potential future home for mankind.天文学家近期找到了一颗被指出是迄今为止和地球尤为相似的行星,而且被视作有可能沦为人类未来的居住地。

Kepler 22b contains both land and water and has temperatures which average around 72 degrees (22 Celsius).这颗取名为开普勒22b的行星包括陆地和水,平均气温在72度(22摄氏度)左右。It also contains the right atmosphere to potentially support life.该行星还享有能保持生命的大气。It is, however, 600 light years from Earth.不过,这颗行星距离地球长达600光年。The planet, where a year lasts 290 days, was first spotted two years ago.这一行星两年前被首次找到,该行星上的一年为290天。

However, Nasa scientists using the agencys Kepler space telescope have now concluded that it offers the best hope yet for future human habitation outside the Solar System.现在,美国宇航局的科学家用宇航局的开普勒太空望远镜勘测后得出结论,称之为这一行星是太阳系以外最有期望沦为未来人类居住地的星球。One of the key criteria for a planet to be habitable is that it remains roughly the right distance from its main star to be neither too cold nor too hot.一颗行星否宜居的关键标准之一是和主恒星的距离要必要,既不过冻,也不过热。

This range of ideal temperatures is known to scientists as the Goldilocks zone, as the temperature is just right for life.这一理想温度的范围被科学家称为金凤花区,这一温度区域对生命正合适。Bill Borucki, Kepler principal investigator at NASA Ames Research Centre, said: We have now got good planet confirmation with Kepler 22b.美国宇航局艾姆斯研究中心的开普勒项目负责人比尔?伯鲁奇说道:我们现在早已证实开普勒22b合适居住于。We are certain that it is in the habitable zone and if it has a surface it ought to have a nice temperature.我们确认该行星坐落于宜居区域内,如果这一行星有地表的话,温度不会很高。

There are now three planets outside the system, known as exoplanets, which experts believe could potentially be colonised by future generations.目前太阳系外有三颗系由外行星被专家指出人类未来有可能迁居。In May, French astronomers identified Gliese 581d, pronounced gleezer, which is far closer at around 20 light years away.今年五月,法国天文学家找到宜居行星格利泽581d,该行星比开普勒22b要将近得多,距离地球大约20光年。It is about six times the mass of Earth and is one of a family of at least six planets.格利泽581d的质量大约为地球的六倍,是一个包括最少六颗行星的家族中的一员。

In August, a team from Switzerland reported that another planet called HD 85512b and 36 light years away seemed to be habitable.今年八月,来自瑞士的一个研究团队报告称之为他们找到了另一个疑为宜居行星HD 85512b,距离地球36光年。The planet is in the constellation of Vela, measures around 3.6 times the Earths mass.该行星归属于船帆星座,质量大约为地球的3.6倍。According to an online catalogue that indexes bodies outside our solar system by the Planetary Habitability Laboratory (PHL) of the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, a total of 47 exoplanets and exomoons are potential habitable candidates but not enough research has been done to be sure.据阿雷西沃波多黎哥大学的行星适居性实验室在网上公布的太阳系外天体目录,共计47个系外行星和系外卫星有可能是宜居星球,不过还须要更加多研究才能加以确认。