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yabo手机版登陆|升级iPhone 7动力不足 中国果粉选择以旧改新


Some Chinese iPhone owners are giving their old models a makeover to look like the latest iPhone 7, rather than buying new – a trend that could dent Apple Incs efforts to boost sales in what has been its biggest growth driver.部分中国iPhone用户没出售新机,而是争相把手头的旧款iPhone加以改建,使其看上去就像最新款的iPhone 7,这一趋势有可能让苹果公司提振iPhone销售的希望受到压制,而iPhone本是苹果仅次于的快速增长驱动力。Online sites offer shoppers makeover kits, false cameras and even dust plugs to hide the removed headphone jack to give their iPhone 6 or 6S the appearance of the iPhone 7.线上网站为买家获取了改装成套件、假摄像头,甚至还有掩饰被中止的耳机孔的防尘里斯,让买家的iPhone 6或6S看上去跟iPhone 7没两样。

The makeover quirk mirrors a broader view among some Chinese users that the iPhone 7 doesnt have enough new features to convince them to trade up.这波改装成热潮体现出有部分中国用户的联合点子,即iPhone 7没充足多的新功能感动他们替换手机。I dont have the money to upgrade, and the iPhone 7 is just so-so, said a Beijing-based sales worker, Im changing it to show off.北京一位销售人员回应:“我没钱去升级,而且iPhone 7显然一般般。我改建手机只是为了夸耀。

”Searches on platforms including Taobao showed a range of products to transform older phones to an iPhone 7 – from stickers and engraving services to replacing the outer casing and even some of the hardware.只要在淘宝等平台上展开搜寻,就能寻找一系列能把旧款iPhone变成iPhone 7的产品,从贴、雕刻服务,到替换外壳、甚至部分硬件,应有尽有。Now people have money and the Internet, these modifications are very convenient to do, said Hu Benshu, who owns an electronics retail outlet in Beijings Zhongguancun technology hub.在北京中关村科技园有一家电子零售店的胡本书回应:“现在人们有钱人,有网络,做到这些改建很更容易。”He added that at his store, Apples iPhone 4 – launched six years ago – is still the best-seller because of its durability.他补足说,在他的店里于六年前公布的iPhone 4仍是最畅销的机型,因为它十分轻巧。