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本文摘要:Apple Inc. invited the media to a product announcement Sept. 12 at which it is widely expected to announce a new iPhone. 苹果公司(Apple Inc.)邀媒体参与9月12日举办的一个产品发布会。

Apple Inc. invited the media to a product announcement Sept. 12 at which it is widely expected to announce a new iPhone. 苹果公司(Apple Inc.)邀媒体参与9月12日举办的一个产品发布会。外界广泛预计苹果将在发布会上宣告发售新一代iPhone。Several media outlets had already reported on the date of the event, which coincides with when Apple typically introduces a new version of its flagship device.数家媒体机构早已报导了这次活动的日期。

活动日期刚好与苹果一般来说发售新款旗舰设备的时间相符。The email invitation had a few subtle hints. It read Its almost here on a white background with a big number 12 that casts a shadow of the number five. Thats likely an allusion to the probability that the device, which follows the iPhone 4S, will be called the iPhone 5. 电子邮件邀请函中还有一些错综复杂的似乎。在邀请函中,白色的背景下写出着“将要发售”,并且大大的数字“12”的阴影下有一个数字“5”。

这有可能似乎时隔iPhone 4S之后发售的这款产品有可能将被称作“iPhone 5”。Apple faces pressure for the device to be a hit. The iPhone is the main driver of the companys business, and corporate results rise and fall based on the iPhones sales. Apple chalked up disappointing iPhone sales last quarter, in part because potential customers were holding out for a new device, an indication of how critical product launches are for the company. 苹果面对着必需使这款设备沦为热销产品的压力。


At the same time, a slew of new smartphones from Samsung Electronics Co. and others have recently hit the market and garnered strong reviews. In the second quarter, Android smartphones accounted for 68% of global smartphone shipments, compared with just 17% for the iPhone, according to IDC. 与此同时,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)等公司最近发售了一系列新款智能手机并取得了赞誉。据国际数据公司(IDC)的数据表明,今年二季度,安卓(Android)智能手机在全球智能手机发货量中所占到比重为68%,iPhone只有17%。

Expectations about the new device have helped drive Apples stock price to record levels. 外界对苹果新的设备的期望助推苹果股价屡屡自创历史新纪录。The new iPhone is expected to have a slightly larger screen but look fairly similar to the current model, the 4S, which is roughly a year old, according to people familiar with the matter. It will also run the latest version of Apples mobile software, which developers have been testing. It features a new mapping application and updates to Apples virtual assistant Siri, among other things. 据知情人士透漏,预计新一代iPhone将有一个略为大一些的屏幕,但看上去与早已发售了大约一年的iPhone 4S很相近。

它还将配备苹果最新版移动软件,开发者仍然在对这款软件展开测试。另外,它还将有一个新的地图应用程序以及苹果语音助手Siri的Ultra。Apple said the Sept. 12 event will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. 苹果说道,9月12日的活动将在旧金山芳草地艺术中心(Yerba Buena Center for the Arts)举办,开始时间为美国西部时间上午10点。