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本文摘要:Citigroup is testing new technology that will allow customers to withdraw money using retinal scanning.花旗银行正在测试容许客户通过扫瞄视网膜存款的新技术。

Citigroup is testing new technology that will allow customers to withdraw money using retinal scanning.花旗银行正在测试容许客户通过扫瞄视网膜存款的新技术。The bank wants to replace PIN codes with biometric scanners that could identify customers using only their eyes.花旗银行想用仅有通过客户的眼睛才可辨识其身份的生物识别扫描仪来代替个人辨识号码。

Customers would use a smartphone app to key in the amount they want to draw out ahead of time.客户只需在智能手机客户端上提早输出他们想要放入的金额就可以了。As they approached the ATM, the app would link up to the machine and use retinal scanning to confirm the customer’s identity.当客户走进自动取款机时,该客户端将与自动取款机相连,并通过扫瞄视网膜证实其身份。The ATM would then release the cash, providing the scanner recognises the individual.若扫描仪辨识出有客户的身份,自动取款机就不会呼经常出现金。

Citigroup said the retinal scans would take 15 seconds to complete compared to 45 seconds for traditional transactions.花旗银行回应,传统交易方式须要花费45秒,而视网膜扫瞄技术可在15秒内已完成交易。It would, they claim, be more secure and would mean that cards could never be skimmed at an ATM again.该银行声称,此项技术更为安全性,将意味著很久不必将银行卡放入自动提款机了。

The Wall St Journal reported that Citigroup has not set a date for when the retinal scanners would be introduced.《华尔街日报》报导称之为,花旗银行仍未确认何时将视网膜扫描仪投入使用。The bank may have to overcome privacy concerns as some customers may be uncomfortable giving their biometric data to such an institution.花旗有可能必须解决问题人们对隐私的忧虑,因为部分客户可能会对将自己的生物识别数据获取给银行这种机构深感忧虑。

Citigroup says it has been working with cash machine manufacturer Diebold and has confirmed that preliminary scanning tests have been carried out on 30 consumers in a laboratory at its head office in New York.花旗称之为,该银行仍然都在与自动取款机制造商迪堡公司合作。花旗银行还证实,花旗早已在纽约总行的实验室对30名客户展开了可行性的扫瞄测试。

The test cash machines do not even need a screen or a touchpad as all the information is loaded by the app ahead of time.受测的自动取款机甚至不必须加装屏幕或触摸板。因为客户端提早读取了所有的信息。Citigroup is not the only financial institution testing out cardless cash machines – JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are working on similar technology.花旗银行并非唯一一个测试无卡取款机的金融机构。

摩根大通和美国银行也在研发类似于的技术。The moves comes in response to US credit scoring firm FICO announcing that in May this year the number of attacks on debit cards used at ATMs had reached its highest level in 20 years.今年5月,美国信用评分公司FICO宣告在自动取款机上用于的借贷卡遭反击的数量创20年新纪录,各个银行的措施目的提高此现状。