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Apple plans to do more to warn customers when hackers try to access their iCloud accounts, the company said on Thursday, as it attempts to close security loopholes in the aftermath of a recent attack on celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence.在不久前詹妮弗劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)等名人遭遇网络攻击后,苹果(Apple)企图堵上iCloud的安全漏洞。

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Ling Qu灵渠Ling Qu(Ling Canal),also called Dou River or Xing’an Canal,was an ancient canal that connected the Yangtze River system and Pearl River system. ling Qu,located in the current Xing’an County in Southwest China’s Guan-gxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,was the earliest canal with sluice gate in the world.灵渠是中国交流长江水系和珠江水系的古运河。




Whenever I talk to people about the future, Im struck by their belief that it is knowable. The impression I get is that most people imagine the future like a book ending: already written and readable if you can just steal a quick look at the last few pages. What they find difficult is accepting that the pages arent written yet. The future hasnt happened, hasnt even been planned–and cannot be known because it doesnt exist.每次我跟人想起“未来”,我都被他们对“未来是由此可知”的这一点子吓到。